This beautiful home in Seattle’s Broadmoor district featured all the elements that a future homeowner would love; hardwood floors, crown moulding, and lots of space to entertain. However, in order to prepare the property to sell, The Enhanced Home was asked to come in and elevate the space.

Initially, the home felt unbalanced–mainly due to the disporportionate furniture–so we got to work using our Refresh+ real estate staging service and kept the homeowner’s existing furntirue that complemented the space and brought in pieces from our own collection to make this home sparkle. Our team believes that each home transformation is an opportunity to educate the home’s future owners how to make the most of each room and plan space accordingly.  

The result you ask? Let’s just say this home sold quickly after.

Living Room

Living Room, View 2

Living Room, View 3


Dining Room

About This Project


Service: Refresh+

Year: 2021

Design Highlights:


  • Original dining room rug as too large and made the dining table seem small.
  • Removed the “egg chair” since its unique style didn’t match the rest of the space.
  • T.V. room was overcrowded so we focused on adding smaller furniture pieces and moved the existing couch from the living room into this space.