Luxury Real Estate Staging.

We design modern, yet timeless, spaces that buyers immediately call home.

A Vacant Home Is A Canvas.

Consider Us The Artist.

The Enhanced Home specializes in staging vacant homes for sale that highlight the best features and increases each home’s value.

Wow. Omg. We need to live here!

These are things our customers say when they walk into our homes. We approach our work with a modern design philosophy that embraces clean lines, intentional pops of color, and delightfully unexpected home accessories and furnishings.

Our Full Staging Process.



We inspect each room and outside areas to understand the unique personality of each home.


Our team creates a customized design plan that enhances and brings out the potential of each indivual room.


Let our experienced and customer-centric team implement the design plan with care and precision.

You get out what we put in.

After 18 years of real estate staging in Seattle and Bellevue, a common thread as formed. Our homes frequently sell over asking price and don’t stay on the market for long. We are also passionate about creating a personalized and enjoyable experience for our clients.


% over asking price TEH projects sell on average

...or less. Number of days our homes stay on the market.

The Enhanced Home

We believe in the balance of beauty and functionality. We creatively reimagine familiar spaces and suggest sustainable design options, elevating the human experience through design.