Top To Bottom. Inside And Out. We Have You Covered.

Our full remodel services combine inspired design with exceptional attention to detail. We reimagine and renovate your familiar spaces to create a brand-new beautiful experience right in your own home.

Have an investment property? With Eduardo’s creative touch, it will be gorgeous, colorful, and fully booked!

We use or re-use sustainable materials whenever possible.

Let us be the role model for your remodel

Our team keeps elevated design top-of-mind while creating a comprehensive plan that includes space planning, appliance selection, color, texture, and lighting fixtures. We offer CAD drawings and 3D renderings to help you visualize the future look and feel of your remodeled home.

We then create a customized dossier that can be interpreted by any future contractor.

Renovating an investment property? We can work magic!

Gorgeous up your investment property for short-term stays! 

Investment properties need on-trend design that is attractive and marketable to a wide audience. Space and furnishings should be inviting, comfortable, and durable.

Whether you are in Seattle or Miami (or anywhere in between!), Eduardo will help you create the picture-perfect “home away from home” using repurposed and/or new materials and furniture.

Your short-term stay will be beautiful, functional, and bring in more $$$ once it’s been given The Enhanced Home treatment!

The Enhanced Home

We believe in the balance of beauty and functionality. We creatively reimagine familiar spaces and suggest sustainable design options, elevating the human experience through design.