We propose a design philosophy of elegance and lightness, with clean lines and decluttered spaces, respectfully embracing color and harmonizing metal, glass, wood and all materials so the end result is nothing short of amazing. Whether you are starting a new home, looking to redesign or at the point of selling, we work within your budget so you will be delighted with the transformation of your space.



Our ability to source from different designers and brands and mix various styles will make your home shine with the best of what the market has to offer without giving up to trends. The Enhanced Home will design your home that will not look like a showroom or a page of a catalog; it will be the best expression of you.



With more than 15 years of experience in interior design, we have the expertise to help you design your home, from your first property to your luxury home you will spend years in. When you are ready to sell, our proven track record of staging services can help you close out in minimum time with the highest bids. Our retail shop located in Bellevue will always welcome you, either for a consultation or to look at the amazing pieces that can be part of your home.




Featured in local and international TV shows and magazines, Eduardo Mendoza took the design world by storm when he began his career in 2001.  A native of Lima, Peru, Eduardo Mendoza moved to Seattle in 1997 to pursue a career in graphic design.  While working at Expedia.com, he began to flip homes in his spare time.  His renovations and designs were met with such rave reviews, he enrolled in Seattle Art Institute design school in 2001.  It was immediately apparent to everyone, including Mendoza, that he was uniquely gifted.  

Due to his remarkable success, signature visual style and captivating personality, Mendoza and The Enhanced Home immediately attracted media attention, where he was featured on NBC's Evening Magazine, Univision and local and international magazines including Better Interiors from India, Seattle Homes and Lifestyle and Puget Sound Business Journal. 

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Nicole Shadoan holds a Bachelor's Degree of Applied Arts in Interior Design. She grew up in Northern New Mexico, and has been living in the Seattle area for the past four years where she has developed most of her career experience. With her newfound love for PNW and contemporary design, she plans on continuing to provide unique design suggestions for future clients. 

"What I love most about my career is the transformation of spaces from before and after. What's the most rewarding experience within this field is seeing how awestruck and excited our clientele are as soon as they see their renovated spaces."



Sarah is known for her innovative ways of curating furniture that represents not only the architecture of the home, but also creates a space of living. She started off by helping friends and family stage and design their homes, and eventually opened up her own staging company. She's been an amazing asset to the staging community for the past three years. 

When she is not engaged in color, art, furniture placement and throw pillows, you will find her with friends, family, on a tennis court, or enjoying the great outdoors.

"The process of transformation is a powerful and magical force.  It is my honor, delight and gift to create and transform beautiful spaces through staging."



"I love staging because at The enhanced HOME we make magic with all the client’s houses."



"What do I love? Home decor! Happiness is doing what you love to do! Let no one steal this happiness away from you." 




"I love coffee and many things in life, but since I started working at The enhanced HOME, both coffee and staging are my all-time favorites."