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Markus M. Jupiter, FL 11/2/2017


"Eduardo is totally enthusiastic about his work, passionate, and very hard-working. As a matter of fact, it can be difficult to keep up with his high level of energy. He is a perfectionist where fraction of inches matter, folds must be just so, and placements are precise. He did listen carefully regarding preferences and also is budget-conscious. Because of his skill, he is able to make even inexpensive furniture and accessories look expensive. Wherever we have our next home to either decorate, or stage for a sale, we will most certainly ask Eduardo for help again. Eduardo is amazing, a true artist in what he does!"



Laura H. Seattle, WA 6/27/2014

"I call Eduardo the "house whisperer"!  He has an amazing eye and can literally without purchasing a new piece of furniture transform a clients home in a day or two..." "...he is a wonderful person and the way that he interacts with a client immediately puts them at ease..." 

"...I would highly recommend Eduardo to anyone looking to maximize their sales price and further to those who are simply looking just to freshen up their home without buying new furniture.  A true miracle worker!"



Matt H. Redmond, WA 11/2/2016

“This is the first review I've ever written for anything in my life - and that's because this is the first time I've experienced such over-the-top service from a company. I reached out to Eduardo based on his Yelp reviews, he called me back within a few hours, and was at my condo for a consult the very next day. Eduardo is one of the most personable people you'll ever work with. As we continued through the process I discovered that he's also incredibly passionate, creative, attentive, and definitely won't stop until he's fulfilled the absolute best vision for his clients' tastes…” “…I literally cannot recommend Eduardo enough. my place finally feels complete. Thank you Eduardo


Sam C.  Seattle, WA 1/28/2017 


"Eduardo Staged my Queen Anne listing, Chateau DeLance. It sold in 20 days for a record-breaking price of $2.8 M. Nobody book him because I have a bunch of new listings coming up and we'll be counting on his help for each of them!!"


Shawn F. Seattle, WA 3/11/2013

Eduardo is the best in the NW in terms of helping our clients get their homes prepped for the market. He understands design and what photographs the best, and more importantly, how to make a house flow properly for real estate showings. Best yet, he is an expert at redesign with his clients current items, so he can often work his magic on a home without having to bring in outside staging items - therefore keeping the costs very reasonable for the amount of work that he puts in. Trust his ideas and let him do his thing - people are always thrilled with the results!